Contact problem of elastic strips with initial stresses with periodically placed resilient protective strap

  • V. Gonchar
  • P. Kaplun
  • O. Rudyk
  • P. Matviishen
Keywords: abrasive environment, wearproofness, nitrided layers, glow discharge


The article highlights the results of experimental research of the wear resistance of different structures of steels with different thermal and chemical-thermal treatment in corrosive and abrasive medium on special friction machines that modelled the working conditions of the extrudes when processing feed grain with the additives of saponite. Comparative study showed that metal wear resistance in corrosive and abrasive medium at higher temperatures depends not only on the hardness of friction surface, but also on its structure, phase composition and hardness of gradient change in the depth of the hardened layer. To provide extruder’s high wear resistance when manufacturing feed grain mixed fodder with the additives of saponite it is recommended to make the details of extruding assembly unit of steel 5 that is strengthened by nitrohardening


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