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Сторінки: 233-237. Номер: №5, 2020 (286)

Національний технічний університет «Дніпровська політехніка»

Dnipro University of Technology

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.31891/2307-5740-2020-286-5-43
Надійшла / Paper received : 23.09.2020
Надрукована / Paper Printed : 05.11.2020

Анотація мовою оригіналу

В роботі розглянуті дослідження вітчизняних та закордонних вчених в напрямку проведення аналізу та оцінки регіональних інвестицій.  Окремо розглянуті підходи що до застосування економіко-математичного моделювання. Виконано класифікацію оглянутих підходів та визначено їх сильні та слабкі сторони.
Ключові слова: регіональні інвестиції, оцінка інвестицій, підходи до оцінки інвестицій, економіко-математичне моделювання

 Розширена анотація англійською мовою

The purpose of this study is to analyze approaches to assessing regional investment. The paper examines the research of domestic and foreign scientists in the direction of regional investment and their evaluation. Special attention is paid to the application of economic and mathematical modeling in the assessment of regional investments. The authors highlight such approaches as: linear programming; non-linear programming, dynamic programming, probabilistic optimization models, integer programming. The selected approaches are analyzed from the point of view of purpose within which the main directions to which they are applied are revealed. The applied application of methods of economic and mathematical modeling is also considered. In addition, the paper discusses in detail the shortcomings of each approach. The review of shortcomings formed a vector of further research in the direction of using a more advanced economic and mathematical tool to assess investment at the regional level. The study emphasizes that such an effective mathematical apparatus can be a method based on a cognitive approach. Due to the fact that the region is a very complex economic system that has many parameters, the application of classical approaches to the evaluation of regional investment is not very effective. The application of cognitive technologies in the regional economy, and more precisely in the evaluation of regional investments is also designed to bring economics to a fundamentally new level, completely changing the existing theoretical, methodological and practical approaches. Some sciences already have significant results in the application of cognitive technologies. Moreover, the application of cognitive technologies by sciences that have not used them before, often begins with the use of the basics already tested by novice scientists. Economics in this area also has some developments being conducted by scientists from around the world, but the general outline of the cognitive approach in economics has not yet been outlined, there are still many unknown and unexplored aspects.
Keywords: regional investments, investment evaluation, approaches to investment evaluation, economic-mathematical modeling.


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